• No more SALESMEN
  • ​​Get us EXACTLY what you want
  • Access to FINANCING @ 96 month 
  • Kick back and RELAX while we make ready your new car. :)
  • ​Your Perfectly Sourced Vehicle DELIVERED in 3 weeks or less

Have you ever experienced the following? 

  • You worry about getting a fair deal
  • You experience anxiety or frustration dealing with salespeople
  • ​You find yourself wishing you could just make a decision 
  • You experience worry or dread going to a dealership
  • ​You don't want to spend weeks or even days shopping
  • You avoid answering the phone once you begin shopping
  • You worry about being taken advantage of
  • ​Your busy enough you would rather just tell someone exactly what you want and have them deliver your vehicle
  • ​You become exhausted with the entire process
  • ​You wish there was someone experienced that you knew and trusted to help

Meet your advisors

Ryan Potoshnik & Matthew Dunn

If you answered yes to any of the above, this service is right for you!


Car shopping done FOR you!

Right here in SPOKANE!

Is it expensive? 

Absolutely NOT! 

We sell our vehicles directly off of KBB True Retail Value and agree to prices prior to your deposit so you know you are getting a fair deal.

We work with ALL Brands

How it works

  • Discovery Call: 15 Minute phone call where we refine and define your exact vehicle needs
  • Selection Process: We send a handful of options that suit your needs and why
  • Engagement Fee: You pay our $500 dollar engagement fee (Free TODAY!)
  • DONE. Sit back and relax while we process your vehicle for delivery. SMS messages update you along the process. :)
We also work behind a RISK FREE love it or leave it guarantee. You love the vehicle or you leave it for us to sell to someone else. 

We've got YOUR back for life.

Matthew Dunn, CEO

If you value a team that follows through, communicates well, and actively listens to your needs, This service is right for you! 

If you understand your time is worth money, and don't mind paying a little extra to get exactly what you want, this service is for you!


What we inspect on EVERY vehicle
  • ​Title Status - We only sell clean title
  • Carfax & Auto check 
  • ​Rust & Corrosion 
  • ​Paint Condition
  • ​Frame Condition
  • ​Interior condition
  • ​Odor 
  • ​Maintenance Records
  • ​Prior ownership information
  • ​& More


Money Back Gurantee
Fully Refundable Fee. PROMO ONLY.
Love it or Leave it
Yes.. You love it or you leave it.
Free Maintenance
Get 2 years maintenance free with your purchase. PROMO ONLY.
Submit your information & LETS GET ROCKING!
*We WILL NEVER spam you, harass you or attempt contact more than twice*
I have current income 
I have over a 650 credit score
I have a couple weeks to get exactly what I want on my budget
I have 500 dollars available for a deposit to get started
I generally have a positive attitude and am excited to use this service


Window Tints 399.99+

​Custom Light Bars 599.99+

​Leveling Kits 249.99+

​Color Powder Coated Wheels 499.99+

​Wraps of any color 599.99+

Lighting 249.99+


Leveling Kits & Wheels!

Roof & Hood Wrap Colors!

Adventure Racks!

Lighting Kits!

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